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A Little About Me

Hi, I’m Amanda, and I’m passionate about writing and educating.

I have a B.A. Honours degree in Dramatic Arts, a minor in English, and a Post-Graduate diploma in Arts and Non-Profit Management. My professional experience includes running a university-level study skills workshop program, providing academic advice and mentorship to post-secondary students, and managing the Education department of a professional live theatre. In these roles, I was the only full-time employee in each department, meaning I did everything – including customer service, marketing, website management, designing workshops, presenting, and teaching classes.

I’ve also been running my own websites for nearly 20 years now. When I first started out, there was no WordPress or social media, so I learned how to do it the hard way. I did all the coding by hand, created my own images and designs, and uploaded it all via FTP. Publicity and marketing were done the old fashion way – by creating meaningful online relationships with my audience and with other bloggers.

In short, my skills and experience make me a pretty well-rounded person and a great addition to your team.